August 2019 Dealer Update

We are pleased to report that progress has been made since our last communication. Six additional independent dealers all went live on VAST Online over the last 4 months and two more are scheduled to be live by the end of August. We can also report that we now have 17 Goodyear Retail stores live on VAST Online. 

We have been working closely with the live sites to get them fully integrated with the solution. Working together and gaining insight from these organizations has been tremendously helpful and has helped us shape training, implementation as well as future developments.

As part of our ramp up to full dealer go-live we have expanded our core training team in the Blue Bell office to 10 members. These highly qualified professionals will be helping to guide the newest dealer locations onto the new platform and provide support where needed.

We are currently scheduling the next round of go-lives for GBMS dealers and are looking for feedback on preferred timeframes. We have 8 dealers lined up for conversion between now and the end of September. Please complete this short survey in order for us to get you scheduled.

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