May 2018 Dealer Update

Since the last time we spoke we have made progress in advancing the beta testing forward. We now have 4 sites live on the system and are working closely with the sites to get them fully up to speed on VAST Online and other functionality like the QuickBooks integration. Working together and gaining insight from these organizations has been tremendously helpful and will help us shape training, implementation and future development moving forward.

We are working with our customers, Country Roads, Olson Tire and Samaritan to gain insight into day to day operations to further the advancement of the solution and shape training, implementation and future development moving forward.

“We were an early adopter on the VAST Online solution and made the move because of the technology MAM Software was introducing and the functionality that currently didn’t exist in GBMS. Together we have made good progress over the past few months and although there are still issues that need to be resolved by MAM, overall we are happy with the direction the project is going in.” Bryan Kelvington, General Manager – Country Roads

“We partnered with MAM Software as a beta site to move our business forward and have made the move from the GBMS system. Go-live presented a number of challenges and we encountered a number of issues. By working closely with MAM, a good number of those issues have been resolved and we are making progress. Our collective goal is to help make the software a better solution for Goodyear dealers – and together MAM and Olson Tire are accomplishing that.” Kent Olson, President – Olson Tire Pros & Auto Service

​”VAST Online has worked excellent for our retailing needs at our new location. We have had very few issues which were all resolved very quickly. We are looking forward to converting our other location to Vast Online sometime in the future.” Chris Mortensen, Owner – Samaritan Tire Company​

In addition to working with the beta sites, we also launched a Dealer Portal website that was designed to provide dealers with information regarding rollout and the features / functionality of VAST Online. Users will need to register to access the site and once registered will have access to a user forum where they can ask questions, start conversations and connect with fellow users.

We have also been working very hard to get our LMS (Learning Management System) completely developed to provide users with the ultimate resource when it comes to training videos and documentation. This will make the transition for GBMS to VAST Online that much easier when it’s your turn for implementation.

We can also report that good progress is being made with the Goodyear Retail Project and both Goodyear and MAM Software are striving to get the first corporate store rolled out as soon as possible.

As a reminder, while we are completing the beta testing, please remember to clean up your data, speak to your accountant about General Ledger/Accounting needs and define/document your pricing policies and commission structure. For further information please refer to the Dealer Pack.

MAM Software will be hosting a VAST Online update/demonstration webinar on May 30th at 2pm. The webinar will provide you with an in-depth look at the latest version of VAST Online v1.5, including the latest integrations to third party solutions such as Podium (collecting online customer reviews – see and MAM CarSide (digital inspection). Register Today!

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