VAST Online (GBMS Replacement)

Redesigned from the ground up, VAST Online is the browser-based version of MAM Software’s VAST Enterprise point of sale software for single and multi-location tire dealers and auto service shops. VAST Online has a modern user interface which maintains a familiar workflow that users are comfortable with and will run smoothly on a desktop or tablet.

As a cloud hosted solution, software updates and back-ups happen automatically and seamlessly in a secure data center. With its seamless connectivity to MAM Software’s e-commerce solution, shops can instantly see part and tire availability at participating suppliers, and place hot-shot orders from directly within a work order.

Features & Benefits

Hardware Requirements

Data Conversion




VAST Online features that are not currently available in GBMS:

  • Ability to see gross profit at a line item and invoice level
  • Integration with third party accounting packages (QuickBooks)
  • Simplified service parts inventory management with the ability to electronically order
  • Ability to accept multiple credit cards on the same invoice
  • Simplified process for using non-Goodyear SKU’s

VAST Online has a host of additional features and benefits including:

  • Tire selling tools – Color code to show tires discontinued/on spiff/on special; good/better/best tier lists
  • Electronic parts & tire ordering
  • DOT registration for all manufacturers
  • Appointment Calendar – Drag and drop capability; hover over to see details; view other stores calendars within common ownership
  • Home screen can be customized based on role to include job-specific and frequently used menu items
  • Plate to VIN Identification
  • Quick Menu – Hot buttons used most in the system; don’t have to keep going back to the home screen
  • Improved Security – track who is doing what in the system (and when)
  • Declined/suggested services
  • Optional digital inspection application
  • Data conversion from GBMS and other industry point of sale software

Your current GBMS Server will no longer be needed. Your VAST Online subscription includes hosting services to our cloud server farm which takes the place of the store server.

Your current GBMS workstations will operate with VAST Online at a speed we believe will not be acceptable. We suggest that you use any desktop PC that meets our minimum requirements or that you purchase new workstations from a local provider.

Minimum Hardware System Requirements

  • 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 4GB Memory
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • Intel® Core™ i3-4160T Processor (Dual Core, 3MB, 3.1GHz w/HD4400 Graphics)

Internet Connection

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • VAST Online is a browser based application requiring a standard ADSL connection (3Mbps minimum, 5Mbps recommended per location)
  • 1MB minimum
  • Low latency provider


  • Printers – Any Windows compatible printer
  • Credit Card / Signature Capture Device

Items that are no longer required

  • Satellite
  • Prysm

MAM Software will work with dealers to convert them from their current on-premise GBMS system to a centralized VAST Online solution. The conversion will include data files for customers, invoices, parts, etc. The conversion/implementation process will commence after the sales order for VAST Online is processed. The process will start by having an implementation specialist work with you to define a project timeline, define which files will be converted when and what see data will be required prior to conversion.

Converted Files (Sample List)

  • Customers
  • Vehicles
  • Point of Sale Archived documents (Invoices & Delivery Receipts)
  • Open AR Invoices
  • Vendors
  • Parts Master
  • Inventory

See Data (Sample List)

  • System Codes
  • Customer Types
  • Account Codes
  • Vendors
  • Employees

MAM Software will train dealers converting from the GBMS system to the VAST Online solution. The training package will include a combination of remote instructor led training webinars, online based record training in the MAM Software Learning Management System (LMS), MAM Software instructor led regional training classes, as well as comprehensive documentation. Training will cover the aspects of the system the associate needs to perform their job. Quick reference guides will also be made available to dealers for use in the various areas of the business.

Additional training services are available including onsite training, go-live onsite support and a customized LMS curriculum setup for your specific needs can be contracted at an additional charge throughout the conversion process.

  1. After signing with MAM Software the dealer will be added to the implementation project plan and assigned an implementation manager.
  2. Dealers will then have access to LMS for training and documentation resources.
    • LMS will provide multiple training tracks including but not limited to:
      • Management/Owner – Covering maintenance and configuration of VAST Online
      • Point of Sale
      • Inventory Management
      • Accounts Receivable
  3. Remote training with eh implementation team will take place based on your schedule
  4. A regional MAM Software instructor lead class schedule will be provided
  5. Access to the VAST Online sandbox will be made available
  6. The VAST Online quick reference guide will be made available
  7. All dealers will be required to train on the VAST Online software and then practice in the sandbox environment. LMS Training will track successful completion of subject matter coverage and completion of prerequisite VAST Online modules will move users onto new areas of training. Previous modules of the software training will always be accessible for review through the LMS.
  8. Once the training is complete a go-live date will be set
  9. The implementation manager will be available for the training, go-live process and post go-live support
  10. The support team will be available to cover all time zones.

Timeline for Conversion

Once the contract with MAM Software is signed and returned to MAM Software, the dealer will be added to the implementation plan and assigned an implementation manager.

  • The implementation manager will undertake a Business Process Review (BPR). The BPR will cover but is not limited to:
    • National Account Processing
    • Pricing Policies
    • Commission Structure
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Tire Replenishment (WD or G3X)
    • Employees/VAST Online user security
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Inventory/Product File – Dealers will no longer be restricted to GBMS codes for service and foreign brand tires.
    • Training Needs
  • The implementation manager & dealer will establish the project timeline
  • Receive initial dealer GBMS data from Goodyear to establish VAST Online Seed Data
    • Dealers will then have access to their data to validate it and manage duplicates and bad data
  • VAST Online System Configuration & Seed Data Load
    • The customer is responsible for part number validation between GBMS and VAST Online
  • Implementation manager and dealer coordinate the GBMS conversion with Goodyear
  • Training will take place on the MAM Learning Management System (LMS) and sandbox
  • Once the System & Network Configuration, Seed Data Load, Data Conversion Mapping are all successful and the dealer has completed training, a go-live date will be set

Timeline for Go-Live

  • The day before go-live, the final GBMS End of Day (B50) will be run and the file sent to Goodyear Corporate
  • Network Switch to dealer own network completed
  • Credit Card devices will be moved to the dealer selected Credit Card Provider
  • Dealer data will be converted and imported into the central VAST Online server
  • Dealer validates converted data and go-live checklist is completed
  • The store will open the the new VAST Online solution


Optional Integrations (for an additional fee)