Below you will find some frequently asked questions in regards to the VAST Online rollout. Please contact us with any further questions.

Clean-up your data – Merge/delete duplicate customers and vehicles. Also take a complete physical inventory of both tires and parts. Define and document pricing policies and commission structures. Speak to your accountant about General Ledger and Accounting needs.

You have the option to convert to any other point of sale solution. GBMS, including the network, will only be supported through the completion of the VAST Online rollout. The GBMS end date will December 1, 2021.

Yes. You will continue to receive a monthly invoice from Goodyear for the remainder of the term of your lease.

Once locations convert to VAST Online, you will contact MAM Software support team directly for all issues. The GBMS Help Desk will continue to offer the same level of support, which is currently provided, until all locations have been converted.

Goodyear will not make any enhancements, however they will fix bugs and make legal changes to GBMS where needed.

The current version of VAST Online is available in Canada with the exception of French Quebec, although the initial release may not support all Canadian taxation functionality. Future releases will support all non-Quebec provincial and federal sales tax capabilities.

We suggest you wait until we give more information on this over the next 30-60 days.

Your current GBMS printers will not need to be wireless. Your GBMS printer is a network enabled printer that will be connected to a router/switch through the Ethernet cable. Also, any windows compatible printer will be able to be used.

The version of QuickBooks that will integrate to VAST Online will be QuickBooks Online.

You will not be purchasing hardware through MAM. We would suggest you contact a local computer hardware and network provider that could help you with obtaining and maintaining the equipment.

VAST Online will not initially have an integration to the Mitchell or Alldata repair software directly. Indirectly, we do provide integration for labor time & scheduled maintenance data through our integration with the Epicor catalog suite. The Epicor suite uses the Mitchell data and we do have plans in the future to offer our own catalog suite called Autocat, which will be using the Alldata labor and scheduled maintenance.

There are two ways that VAST Online will show historical invoices. Archived Documents or invoices are exact PDF copies of original invoices that were created in GBMS. Two years of these invoices will be converted and available in VAST Online. Vehicle/Customer History are the line items of work that were performed on a vehicle but when this data is converted to VAST Online the re-printable invoice will not be available. Any fees or taxes that are generated for those documents are not available so do not get converted. Much like you see in GBMS today you will see the details of an invoice, but will not be able to reproduce a printable copy. Vehicle/Customer History that is still available in GBMS today can be converted to VAST Online.

Any parts seller who supports either the Acconex, IAP or OpenWebs gateways are supported for electronic ordering. This feature will require you to have the Epicor parts catalog option or MAM Software’s Autocat parts catalog.

Currently the following Goodyear wholesalers are supported for inventory inquiry, pricing & ordering: Goodyear Wholesale, ATD, US AutoForce, K&M Tire, Capital Tire, Max Finkelstein, Kauffman Tire and Community Wholesale.

Yes. The initial release will contain functionality to facilitate wholesale transactions.

Yes, VAST Online will be interfaced with GTracs.

The current version of VAST using a batch process where data is sent to TireHQ and you are required to import that data using a separate function. VAST Online will support web-services and the process will be automated requiring no user operation for importing and exporting.

No. AP & GL data will not be converted.

The GBMS server will be disconnected. The use or disposal of GBMS servers is at the discretion of the dealer. GBMS Servers will not be supported by Goodyear or MAM Software after the conversion.