Release Notes

As part of our mission to provide reliable, innovative and economical business management software solutions, we’ve added the following features to VAST Online.

April 2021 (1.9.6 Release) Updates

Progress Bar Spinner Replacement
A new preview feature has been released, in place of the previous Optimized Spinner preview, where a progress bar appears in VAST Online rather than the spinner in the center of the screen. It is hoped that this will prove less intrusive to the user and provide a better user experience.

To switch the feature on:

When a long running request is triggered the bar will appear here:

If feedback is positive then the progress bar will be made the ‘standard’ in a future release (i.e. on for all by default).

October 2020 (1.9.5 Release) Updates

OpenWebs cost method should not look at Epicor MCL costs
Supplier Cost will no longer look to the MCL Epicor (JobberPrice) Cost – it will look at the cost returned from the vendor in the XML Response.

Shop Supplies now calculating on a Quick Quote with new customer
Resolved the issue where shop supplies were not being generated on a quick quote for a new customer.

Voided Delivery receipts now with watermark of VOID
Corrected archived copies of voided delivery receipts to include the VOID watermark.

NA Requirements data limit upped to 12MB
TireHQ had files over 9MB causing error where National accounts requirement screen failed to populate. MAM updated the data limit to 12MB.

September 2020 (1.9.4 Release) Updates


Ability to Delete multiple lines on a work order
Select the tickbox in Select Row Column and then select delete allows multiple rows to be deleted.

Invoice Comments displayed in customer service history screen

Ability to force cost on receipting of products by sales class
In the Sales Class maintenance screen, there is a new setting that will disallow receipt of zero cost items. This setting will force the cost of products to be entered before the Goods Receipt can be completed.

Goodyear National Accounts no longer using local pricing for service codes
Some Goodyear service codes were pulling in local prices instead of the National Account Price Book. That has been changed. Now all service codes will pull National Account price book pricing.

Payins no longer being prompted for authorization if over payout limit
Each store has the ability to set a payout limit. When selecting a payin option in payout/payin screen, this limit will now be bypassed and only be used for payouts.


Tech Assist vehicle specific prompts now filtering responses
When printing the Tech assist, if prompted for vehicle specific options, the report will now filter out and print specs pertaining to those options.

Voided Work Orders now appearing on Audit Trail
When voiding/deleting a work order, those will now appear on the audit trail as voided.

July 2020 (1.9.3 Release) Updates


Enhanced Field Validation Errors Across VOL
Enhanced errors displays have been enabled across the application for all Input and drop down fields. This will give the user more detailed information of why a field is in error when hovering over the field.

Enhanced Field Validation Errors

New Date Picker set to default
The new datepicker has now been set to be the default datepicker. The preview feature for this has now been removed and the old datepicker has been removed.

Invoice Comments – Customer Facing
Invoice comments have been developed to add comments to a work order that can be printed/communicated to the customer when they print on the invoice. The comments can be added in 2 places. A new tab labelled ‘Invoice Comments’ has been added to the ‘Comments/Forms’ button available from the ‘More’ button in POS. The first tab has also been renamed Work Order Comments, comments entered here will not print on the customer’s invoice.

Invoice Comments - Work Order Comments Form

We also have a new button on the Method of Payment (MOP) screen that allows Invoice comments to be added at this stage just before the Work order is invoiced.

Invoice Comments

We have also built in the option to copy work order comments (not communicated to the customer) over to the invoice comments to save retyping these comments if they need to be included on the invoice. The ‘Copy Work Order Comments’ is shown below:

Work Order Comments Forms

Once the Work Order Comments have been copied they can be edited before printing on the invoice. Any edits do not amend the original Work Order comments, they are simply copied at the time the copy button is used. A ‘Print on Invoice’ check box on the new Invoice comments screen will default to checked. If the user removes the tick from the check box the Invoice comments will not print on the invoice. The finalized Invoice comments will be printed in the footer section of the invoice, an example of which is shown below.

Finalized Invoice Comments

Non Paged Grids – All Columns Sortable
Non Paged result grids are now sortable by column in VAST Online.

Sorting Grids

June 2020 (1.9.2 Release) Updates


Fleet Unit Number available for all vehicle/customers
Ability to search on fleet unit number has been expanded to include all customer types, for work orders, customer service history, and all the quote handling screens.

Fleet Unit Search
Fleet Unit Search

Fleet Unit Number can be entered on the customer contact screen
NOTE: Fleet Unit Number cannot contain spaces

Customer Contact

Vehicle history printout

  • Vehicle history report printed along with the work order is showing the ‘Fleet unit Number’ in the vehicle section of the print out.
  • Customer Service History report printed from Customer Service History screen is showing the ‘Fleet unit Number’ in the vehicle section

Customer Service History

Work Order & Invoice printout
Work Order and Invoice Printout

Shop Supplies included in the Location Sales Report
Previously, Shop Supply Fees were not included in the Location Sales Report.

Archived Documents – default sort order by transaction date
Archived Documents will default by transaction date with the most current transaction being first.

Archived Doc

May 2020 (1.9.1 Release) Updates


YMMI Automatic Update
The year make model index lookup is now a separate service. The vehicle data is now updated automatically each month, previously data updated occurred every 2-4 months. To activate this service a system administrator must enable the feature within your organization.

YMMI Update


Quicker way to go from a quote to a work order.
Now have a finish option to create work order from within a quote. Previously would have to save as a work order and reopen the document. Create Work Order option allows you to stay in the document.

Quote to Work Order

Over The Counter Refinement
When selecting an over counter transaction from the customer search screen. Vehicle information is no longer required when entering employee information, accepting deposits or completing an outside purchase. Vehicle information will be needed when selecting items from vItem or catalog to get vehicle specific parts.

Customer Search

April 2020 (1.8.15 Release) Updates


Tax Controls – Oklahoma Rule – Tire Recycling Fee
Tax Controls - Oklahoma Rule
When this setting is enabled, entering a tire part(s) into the grid on parts entry, VAST Online searches to find if any tire dimensions (Rim Size and Tread Width) are available against the product record in order to calculate the appropriate fee.

If no dimensions are present, the user will be presented with a prompt to enter them. The user is able to add these dimensions at a later point using the “Add Later” button present on the prompt.

As dimensions are required to calculate a correct tax value, the user will be forced to enter any missing dimensions before invoicing a transaction.

Mandated Print – Vehicle Identification
VAST Online now supports the ability to populate the Year, Make, Model and VIN number of the customer vehicle to be printed in the mandated print by State, County or City.
Mandated Print - Vehicle Identification

Cash/AR Column added to customer search results
Cash column added to customer search results


Various bug fixes and improvements to resolve:

  • Sales export rounding issues
  • Tire product adjustment issues
  • Out of balance document issues
  • CarSide call failures